In this, we provide all VEGETARIAN FOOD.

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In this, we provide all NON- VEGETARIAN FOOD.

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Foodantram was founded in July 2017 & Botishala was founded in Dec 2019, by Puneet Srivastava. 

We currently serving in KANPUR near FAZALGANJ

At Foodantram & Botishala , we believe that best healthy food can be obtained by making our daily homemade food healthy. Our recipes are the best healthy & authentic Indian recipes. At Foodantram, three things are assured Quality, Taste and Variety.

We exactly know the importance of a pinch less or more of any ingredient. You can count on us as your Measuring Spoon, so don’t you worry. With chopped and prepped ingredients, dressings, sauces, etc., all you have to do is follow the recipe and enjoy a delicious, warm, gourmet meal at home, at the fraction of a price.

We deliver delicious eats in the iceland of budget, without punching your pocket. Our food is fresh, delicious, healthy and we deliver it right to your doorstep. Our sustainable packing will turn you always. We knows how to feed a happy gut with best ingredient and tons of love and care.

Get your food by just dial 9628593333, 9628593333 or Order Online through ZOMATO, SWIGGY.